Numerous benefits of using lipoic acid

The benefits of using r lipoic acid are so numerous that we cannot enumerate them all here for you. What we are going to try to do is list as many of them as possible. So, because time and space is at a premium and without any further ado, let us then, list some of the benefits of r lipoic acid for you. R Lipoic acid supports normal brain health and normal vascular circulation. Vascular circulation is improved through the increased synthesis of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant.

Brain health is improved by increasing the uptake of cysteine. This is the rate that limits substrate in the biosynthesis of glutathione in the brain. Using R Lipoic acid improves and maintains lung and heart health. Lung health is improved when antioxidant cell protection is allowed, even with the presence of air pollutants and cigarette smoke. Heart health is improved through the reduction of oxidative stress and the repair of DNA damage done previously.

The heart is energized through the regeneration of vitamin C. At this point, it is necessary to remind readers that these benefits towards reversing ageing in the human body is made possible through the use of r lipoic acid. R Lipoic acid supports the body’s heart and its metabolism. It restores the balance of ceramide levels in the heart and vascular cells. It also needs reminding that R-Lipoic Acid supports the reversal of age related declines of glutathione levels, simultaneously restoring complex IV activity.

Normal carbohydrate uptake and utilization in the brain is also supported. The acid restores the balance of cell survival and/or cell death signaling. Mitochondrial cell bioenergetics is able to restore cellular energy. And while premature ageing is reversed, ageing must inevitably continue. The use of R-Lipoic Acid allows for healthy ageing.