Low Testosterone can be Helped

The risks of low testosterone are not as fully publicized as the risks of menopause. Andropause is the name used to describe declining testosterone levels. Testosterone is the most important hormone for men. Before the age of 30, the levels are high. After that, they begin to steadily decline. A mens health clinic Jacksonville FL residents can rely on helps in these situations.

With some simple tests, it is easy to tell what the levels are. Low testosterone will cause a variety of symptoms which make normal activity difficult, especially when it comes to sexual performance. Exercise will also lack with less muscle growth and increased recovery time. Everything becomes a greater chore because men depend on this vital hormone for strength and recuperation.

A simple quiz will ask some questions and answer them. These questions alone will help identify low testosterone. There is often a loss of sex drive, increased fatigue, erectile dysfunction, depression and memory problems, irritability, sleep problems including sleep apnea, hair loss, muscle loss, and a general sense of constant fatigue.

With replacement therapy, these symptoms are relieved and normal vitality is restored. There is a reduced risk of heart disease and a feeling of rejuvenation. Muscle begins to grow normally while aches and pains are drastically reduced. Sex drive jumps back up to normal levels and the overall mood becomes improved with better motivation.

You will discover what it feels like to be young again. It is said that 50 is the new 30 and so on. Low testosterone is a health risk for men. After a period of time, it will take a toll that is not easy to recover from. Help is right around the corner for all men in this situation. Taking responsibility for male health is a proper thing to do for yourself and your family.